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The Power of Tags Part 2: Patient Tags

In our previous blog, we discussed patient tags, which should only convey information specific to a patient regardless of plan information. Plan tags are just the opposite and complete the collection of tags in RO Dynamics. Plan tags should only convey information for a specific plan. While they can be manually duplicated or copied over if you are creating a secondary plan or boost off an existing plan, they will not do that automatically since the new plan may need different tags.

Plan tags have endless applications and possibilities. They can be used for things such as treatment devices, imaging modalities, techniques, and anything else that your oncology system may need. These tags make it easy to track and gain analytics on different aspects of the plan and devices used. The analytics pulled from the plan tags has the power to help departments really concentrate or validate the need for equipment or training.

Much like the patient tags, these are quickly and easily viewable using either the plan details view or by opening the patient dialog. Each tag and tag group are able to be customized within the Administration Module and can be color-coded to your needs. Between the plan tags and the patient tags, staff members are quickly able to see the “highlights” of a patient and their treatment plan depending on how your oncology system chooses to utilize this tool. The wonderful thing about tags is that it is fully up to the user on how they are utilized. There is no right or wrong way to utilize the tags. At Quantek Systems, our only goal is to help you to improve your processes so that you are better able to focus on the needs of the patient and their treatment.

Hannah Shappell

Hannah Shappell is an ARRT certified radiation therapist with years of clinical experience who graduated with a Bachelor of Science in radiation therapy from Texas State University. She now currently resides in beautiful Central Oregon where you will typically find her outside trying to keep up with her two sons, crazy dog, and husband.

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