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Advanced Workflow Engine

Advanced Workflow Engine

Revolutionary application of BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) and DMN (Decision Model and Notation) to healthcare enabling visual, sharable, and executable workflows

Completely customizable workflows from consult to on treatment

Streamline Your Workflow

Streamline Your Workflow

Track the status of each patient plan through the treatment planning process.

Real-time updates keep staff informed with current information.

Continuous Workflow Improvement

Continuous Workflow Improvement

Feedback from analytics dashboards indicate where workflow improvements need to be made and allows you to track key metrics such as CT Simulation to Ready for Treatment time.

Optimize the balance between reducing patient start times and ensuring adequate time for the treatment planning process.


A closer look at the details


  • Quickly see your available treatment planning tasks
  • Tasks color coded by due date
  • Find the status of any patient’s treatment plan with ease
  • Customized filters for each staff member and role
  • Dynamically searchable


  • Revolutionary application of BPMN (Business Processing Modeling Notation) to healthcare
  • RO Dynamics displays are updated in real-time
  • Web based platform means there are no clients to install and upgrades are easy
  • Modern software engineering methods and technologies enable rapid delivery of new upgrades to customers
  • Built from the ground up for HIPAA security and compliance, from the network to application level


  • In Web Application chat messaging for easy communication between individuals and groups
  • Workflow customization available to send emails out to staff or 3rd parties
  • Microsoft Teams integration coming soon

Analytics Dashboards

  • Track key events such as new starts, task due dates, task turn around time, and process issues
  • Interactively see how averages and histograms change over time
  • Filter data by dates, treatment site, month, year, machine, staff, event template and more


  • Manage workflow from consult to on treatment
  • Customizable events templates with task due dates
  • Customize by treatment site, technique, turn around time, new/existing CT, and more
  • Automatically calculates task due dates
  • One click re-scheduling of task due dates when start date changes
  • Plan associated with course/Rx
  • Set plan status to On Hold or Cancelled
  • Tag patient or plans for important alerts or for analytics


  • Vendor Neutral
  • Not locked into proprietary workflow solutions from Oncology Information Systems
  • Can be integrated with existing Health Information Systems and Oncology Information Systems.

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