In the realm of clinical navigation, envision clinicians as hikers, navigating intricate pathways.

DynaMap™ stands as their steadfast GPS, poised to replace the outdated, weathered map now rendered unrecognizable and unreliable. Its lightweight, proprietary design ensures effortless deployment, guaranteeing reliability and consistency in tracking the patient journey- past, present, and future—all in real-time.

Lightweight Workflow Engine

DynaMap™, a nimble workflow engine, aids in facilitating both business and clinical processes and procedures through visual models, deployable across a spectrum from the edge to the cloud.


Named after the Dynamic Map concept, DynaMap™ serves as a tool for guiding decision-making processes, aiming to standardize and automate interactions between individuals and information systems.


DynaMap™ is crafted for scalability, transitioning seamlessly from a singular executable workflow to distributed workflows spanning entire networks, catering to both standalone clinics and multi-site networks alike.

Ease of Development

DynaMap™ core has zero external dependencies and is compatible with multiple operating systems. No matter where or how your infrastructure is architected, DynaMap™ can be easily plugged into your system. 

Flexible & Customizable

DynaMap™ was designed to be used with any database, event messaging system, and deployment pipeline. Use what you need and leave what you don’t, DynaMap™ can work with your system and organization. 

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