The Power of Tags Part 1: Patient Tags

There is certain key patient information that will always been necessary when treating any patient. These are the answers to the questions that every patient must answer almost as soon as they walk through the door of any medical facility and will be most likely asked repeatedly. Instead of having to copy notes over to each course, simulation, or plan; RO Dynamics has created patient specific tags.

These are a group of tags that apply to a patient and all plans associated with that plan. Patient tags can be customized based on the needs of your department. RO Dynamics comes with two standard patient tags that include: Previous Radiation and Pacemaker. For each of these tags and all custom additional tags within RO Dynamics, tasks and workflows are able to be started once a tag has been selected and saved to a patient.

For example, the pacemaker tag triggers a workflow that is based off the latest standard in the AAPM TG-203 guidelines released in 2019. By adding the pacemaker tag at any point during the treatment planning process, a workflow will be triggered which will then send out tasks to the responsible parties. Not only does this guarantee that this does not get missed but also that you are following the latest standards that have been set forth.

The location of the patient tags makes it easy to always see. Whenever you simply click on the patient, task, plan, or simulation you can see it in the plan details view or when you double click and open the patient dialog. In other systems, while this information may be listed it is not always readily shown or has to be copied down in multiple locations which allows human error to easily take the front seat.

A screenshot of a patient's plan details including the highlighted tags that have been associated with the patient.

A screenshot of the patient  dialog including the tags associated with the patient.

Through the use of our advanced workflow engine, tags are no longer simple labels, they are able to automatically trigger emails, tasks and workflows that pull together all needed staff roles to streamline your patient care approach. Patient tags are yet another way that you are able to customize RO Dynamics to the needs of your department as well as simplify the incorporation of new standards in patient care.

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