The Plans View

There are times that every clinical or administrative staff member will need to search for a plan that was completed in the past for various reasons. In typical oncology information systems this can be challenging, especially if the plan was cancelled or put on hold. To assist in this search and provide much needed information, RO Dynamics has the Plans View of our Whiteboard Module.

When initially opening the Plans View, it looks very similar to the other views of the Whiteboard Module. This view operates differently than the other views. Instead of displaying plans in progress, or automatically loading all plans, which would take a longer time as more and more plans are added into the RO Dynamics system, the Plans View providers filters to search for just the type of plans you are looking for.

The standard filters from other views are available such as plan phase, technique, treatment site, machine, treatment organization, date ranges, and plan care team members. In addition to the standard filters, there is also a status filter that is specific to the plans view that allows you to select the status of the plan such as if it was completed, on hold, cancelled before complete or cancelled after complete. Current Oncology Information Systems can make this information tough to quickly find and might involve some detective work to see what happened or even find the plan if you don’t know the patients name.

When combined with the Plan Details and the Course Details Views, sorting through any plan still in progress or from the past is very simple. You have access to all the standard plan and care team information along with plan status and history of the plan to help take the detective work out of the equation.

A screenshot of the plans view in RO Dynamics. This enables users to know exactly what needs to be done and by when.

Finding plans by their status and details can be difficult within a traditional oncology information system. RO Dynamics has created the Plans View of the Whiteboard Module to address this problem by making it possible to search for past or present plans based on their statuses. Read our blog post to learn more about how the Plans View could assist your oncology system!

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