Quantek Systems and Varian, a Siemens Healthineers Company, Announce Strategic Collaboration to Enhance Clinical Interoperability 

Quantek Systems and Varian, a Siemens Healthineers Company, Announce Strategic Collaboration to Enhance Clinical Interoperability  

Bend, OR, July 9th, 2024 at 9:54 AM CST – Quantek Systems is excited to announce that their RO Dynamics clinical workflow platform has achieved 3cosystem Silver clinical interoperability with VARIAN’s ARIA v15.6+ through the 3co ARIA API interface. This collaboration ensures future-proof, secure, and stable connections, paving the way for continuous development of the RO Dynamics platform within the Varian ecosystem.  

“We value our partnership with Varian and their commitment to a unified approach in developing and integrating third-party solutions. This collaboration enables providers to enhance clinical interoperability and digital workflows, ultimately improving patient and provider satisfaction with existing solutions. We are thrilled to be on the forefront of FHIR® [Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource] Standard adoption alongside the Varian team,” said Gabe Colburn, CEO and Founder of Quantek Systems.  

The 3cosystem initiative by Varian aims to expand their interoperability ecosystem, resulting in faster integration of new technologies into clinical settings. This initiative improves digital workflows and allows third-party collaborators to focus on development rather than resolving integration issues. “This approach enables Varian to dedicate our interoperability resources to a known ecosystem that includes third-party products,” stated Ben Moga, Director of Strategic Alliances and Interface Solutions at Varian.  

About Quantek Systems  

Quantek Systems fuses logic, creativity, and clinical experience to create innovative software solutions for radiation oncology departments. Recognizing the significant need for automation and efficiency improvements in clinical workflows, Quantek Systems developed RO Dynamics to enhance the functionality and safety of radiation oncology practices.  

RO Dynamics empowers clinical practices to standardize and automate best practice clinical pathways by integrating open business and healthcare standards. Quantek Systems is at the forefront of combining the FHIR standard with Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) and Decision Model Notation (DMN) to streamline clinical workflows and operations. The company’s vision is to enhance the safety and quality of care throughout the patient journey. A crucial element of this vision is the RO Dynamics digital whiteboards and analytics. These whiteboards enable clinicians to monitor patient treatment status in real-time and offer unprecedented access to operational analytics, providing insights into turnaround times and identifying bottlenecks. 

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