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Moving Beyond the Physical Whiteboard

When walking through any type of hospital or even watching a hospital-based TV show you are bound to see a dry-erase whiteboard hanging up. Traditionally these have been used all across hospitals and health systems for years and while they still can hold an important purpose, many systems are starting to feel the growing pains of the digital age where staff now functions off site and patient numbers are ever increasing so the need for more information for more patients is at an all-time high and the board can only fit so much.

RO Dynamics is a web-based digital whiteboard platform with one of the views specifically designed to be the “whiteboard” of the department or oncology system. In the whiteboard view, key workflow check points are displayed and with the use of four easy to interpret icons and numerous filters to narrow down your search, you are able to easily access an abundance of status information with minimal clicks. You are able to see all the plans that are currently being worked on along with what stage they are in and if a task has been completed, passed, failed, rejected or handed off to the appropriate staff members. You are also able to see all of the standard patient demographics, plan information and plan care team members without having to waste an additional click.

This view can be very convenient for team meetings such as chart rounds, so you are quickly able to glance and see every plan’s status that is currently being worked on and even filter the list to only show the patients that are associated with a certain location or physician for example. It also allows for all staff working off site to quickly know what is happening in the department and with their patients.

This view is what drove the concept of a digital whiteboard and can be a workhorse for any department. All the information you would need in one easy to see table while still being able to dynamically search for specific information as needed, keeping you connected in all circumstances.

Hannah Shappell

Hannah Shappell is an ARRT certified radiation therapist with years of clinical experience who graduated with a Bachelor of Science in radiation therapy from Texas State University. She now currently resides in beautiful Central Oregon where you will typically find her outside trying to keep up with her two sons, crazy dog, and husband.