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Advanced Care Team Tasks for Automation

Tasks do not always fall into simple complete or incomplete categories. Sometimes more information is needed such as “did this plan pass the first QA”, “was this plan rejected”, and “does this patient need insurance authorization?” This list could go on and on. To help organize the treatment planning process and streamline the flow of information, RO Dynamics has created four different task types:

  1. Standard Complete Task
  2. Yes or No Task
  3. Approve or Reject Task
  4. Pass or Fail Task

Our first task option is a standard task. This is a task that only needs to be completed such as a “Submit IMRT Pre-Auth” task. The only information that plan care team members need is to know is if it has been done or not. There is always the option to add in comments when you complete the task in case there is something unique that needs to be documented.

Our second task option is a yes or no task. This can be applied towards many different tasks that could be in your workflow such as determining if deep inspiration breath hold will be performed. Often this decision needs to be made after simulation once analysis has been performed to determine if the patient would benefit from breath hold, for example by comparing the heart sparing between free breathing and breath hold CTs. By having the ability to create yes or no tasks, workflows can direct the appropriate clinical pathway based on simple decisions.

Our third task option is an approve or reject task. Typically, this task will be used mostly by radiation oncologists, for example in plan approvals. This task is similar to a pass or fail task, in that if a task of this type is rejected a comment must be entered in as to why it was rejected. This provides valuable feedback to the necessary plan care team members as to what needs to be revised, and the workflow engine automatically redirects the plan to treatment planning so that the corrections can be made.

Our final task option is a pass or fail task. This task has many applications depending on how you to choose to customize RO Dynamics but the main person who will become very familiar with this task type is a physicist or possibly a radiation therapist. This task can be applied to many of the daily responsibilities of a physicist or any of the morning warmup procedures done by the radiation therapists. This task is unique in that it is the only one where failure or error messages may be selected. When an error is selected, the workflow will then be redirected as necessary so that the appropriate staff member is made aware of the problem and able to correct it.

Not all departments or tasks are created alike, having multiple task options allows you to further cater and customize RO Dynamics to the lingo and workflows of your department. This is the heart behind Quantek Systems, to come alongside your oncology system to help support and streamline your workflows to enable the best work environment and patient experience possible.

Hannah Shappell

Hannah Shappell is an ARRT certified radiation therapist with years of clinical experience who graduated with a Bachelor of Science in radiation therapy from Texas State University. She now currently resides in beautiful Central Oregon where you will typically find her outside trying to keep up with her two sons, crazy dog, and husband.

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